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Bridging the Gap

More than ever organisations are prioritising Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace as they start to understand the business benefits. Diversity is about the unique blend of knowledge, skills, perspectives and thoughts people bring to the workplace.


Industry Ready is about providing diverse growth in the engineering industry, to reflect our international multi-cultural Country.  We do this by offering an interactive platform for engineering companies to access, for the social, economic, and sustainable placement of engineering students.


Industry Ready, is about supporting ALL young engineering students in New Zealand, into paid internship and graduate placements. As well as Postgraduates looking for a research project in industry.


This includes:

Inclusive support, to any young engineering student who is challenged and discovering obstacles in finding the right industry placement that aligns with their qualifications, values, and skills.

International students who are currently studying at university in New Zealand or have finished university and looking for opportunities to start their engineering career.

Women in engineering, very much supporting women in engineering, and some of the challenges they may face, when working in a male dominated environment.

Maori and Pacifika, support to see more Maori and Pacifika representation in the engineering industry.

Apprenticeships. Highlighting the real value of an apprenticeship in engineering and the advantages it brings to the student and industry.

Lifelong career success. Providing self-confidence and lifelong soft skills to students who feel their grades define them and feel disadvantaged when looking for industry placements.

Qualifications. Confidence and assurance to students to align their overseas engineering qualifications to New Zealand standard and Engineering New Zealand registration.


Industry Ready provides Companies the confidence of a bias free and inclusive means of short-listing candidates at selection stage and increase the likelihood of hiring the very best student for the position.

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