Founder and CEO Julie Raine talks about why Industry Ready was launched.

The first reason why I felt the need for Industry Ready was, having served on the Engineering New Zealand committee for the last 9 years and currently Chair of ENZ Auckland branch, managing a membership of 10,000 engineers. I’ve witnessed time and time again and year after year, questions, issues, or requests for help to get students into industry. These requests have come from all sides of the equation. Universities, companies and students all asking the same question. What help and support can we get to get students into industry. Over the years I have never come across a comprehensive solution which collaborated with all three parties. As a typical engineer wanting to solve a problem, I set up Industry Ready.


The second reason I set up Industry Ready is because, you might be mistaken by looking at my LinkedIn profile that I was naturally a successful engineer.


Well that was certainly not the case. I left school at 16 (year 11 equivalent) with the basic of basic qualifications, I scraped through with an average Maths and English grade, followed by sewing, art, sociology and biology. I wasn’t an A grade student and not blessed with a ‘silver spoon’. I was brought up in a working-class coal mining village in England, and I fell into engineering.


After leaving school, I managed to secure a placement at a coal mining company in the village and worked in the drawing office. On enquiring at the local college to join a technical drawing class, I was told this was part of an engineering course. I could attend but was told I would be the only girl! and this is where my journey began.

I completed six years of studying at college, to gain enough credits to apply for a degree at university in engineering. I worked full time and studied part time. It took me a further six years to get my engineering degree. Twelve years of pure hard work and dedication for a chance of a successful career.


So, I really understand about being the underdog, about how difficult it is to get the right qualification to get into industry. I really understand about being the minority, as a lone female, struggling in a male dominated environment and that accomplishing a successful career is not easy.


Industry Ready is here to inspire and support all engineers in to a sustainable and inclusive future. Bringing engineers into engineering.

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