We want to help both the Young Engineering Professionals and the Construction and Engineering industry, get the right people into the right roles. For our young professionals we have provided some tips on how to put the best you forward into the real world! For companies, some tips on how to make a smooth transition in growing your resources and business.


We have also included some free downloads to provide both individuals and companies with relevant information. For example, how to manage your first day at work, benefits to organisations and the importance of diversity, inclusion, wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.

How to Network with confidence

New Zealand is a small country and networking is important in any industry. One of the first places professionals’ network is on Linkedin. Create a profile, choose an appropriate head and shoulders photo. Did you know you can create a LinkedIn banner to make a good first impression?

Benefits of having a Mentor

Having an engineer as a mentor can only be a good thing. They know about the New Zealand market; they can introduce you to the right people and you can learn from their experience, so you don’t have to learn from your mistakes. Did you know that Industry Ready has a Mentor programme you can join?

Tips on Presentation Skills

Being able to present yourself and a project with confidence is a great skill to have. Even if you are not confident, looking confident will get you over the line. Start with your posture, when walking into an interview or meeting, pull your shoulders back, chin up, make eye contact and smile.

Join Engineering New Zealand

If you are studying for an engineering degree you can join ENZ as a Student member for free. If you have achieved your engineering degree then you can join ENZ as an Emerging Professional. Did you know that ENZ has 29 special interest groups that you can join?

How to transition your engineers into leaders

You can be a great engineer, but a lousy team leader or manager. All too often great engineers are promoted to a leader without training. Tip: invest in some training to get productive results from your team. Did you know that Industry Ready runs a 2-day engineering leadership training course to transition your engineers into leaders?

Attracting the best talent

The continued HR competition to attract and retain the best employees. Recruitment is costly, so how do you make sure you don’t make a mistake. Did you know Industry Ready is the first two-way matching platform for engineering students and Industry? And that’s how you attract the best student to suit your organisation.

Help your new employee settle on their first day

The first day at work for a new employee can be as nervous as the first day at primary school. Tip: Set up their workspace before they arrive, personally meet them on arrival and introduce them to the team. Have a buddy organised for questions and company at lunchtime.

How to resource for growth

An international engineer, studying for a master’s and looking to do a research project in Industry can be an enormous benefit to the growth of your business. Think about it, you get a motivated engineer to do research on an innovative solution, which can provide your business with a Unique Selling Point (USP) for winning future business. It’s a win win!

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Understanding the kiwi culture, to give you confidence

Interview skills and techniques, so you present your best you

How to manage your first day at work, with confidence

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Benefits international engineers bring to your business

Wellbeing and mental health in organisations

Why Diversity and Inclusion is good for business